Hello bloggers,

Today I want to share with you all a beautiful and elegant wedding we recently photographed at the Breakers Palm Beach for Brittany and Ryan.  Such amazing families came together, both sides were an absolute pleasure to work with.  Take note of these vitals, which are the people involved in making this event happen.

Venue: The Breakers Palm Beach, Gown: Berta Bridal, Planner: Posh Parties, Cinematography: Cabana Pictures, Event and Floral Design: The Breakers Design Studio Beauty: Lotus Hair Studio, Entertainment: Powerhouse, and capturing these images forever: Alain Martinez Photography

This is only part I of III.  There are a large number of images from this wedding and thus we decided to split the post in 3 parts.


BrittRyan_00 BrittRyan_002 BrittRyan_003 BrittRyan_004 BrittRyan_005 BrittRyan_006 BrittRyan_007 BrittRyan_008 BrittRyan_009 BrittRyan_0010 BrittRyan_0011 BrittRyan_0012 BrittRyan_0013 BrittRyan_0014 BrittRyan_0015 BrittRyan_0016 BrittRyan_0017 BrittRyan_0018 BrittRyan_0019 BrittRyan_0020 BrittRyan_0021 BrittRyan_0022 BrittRyan_0023 BrittRyan_0024 BrittRyan_0025

Don’t forget to check out part II and III later today.