Headshots – Are They Worth It?

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Headshots, for a lot of people can seem like a waste of time and money.  Most people are usually content with using a selfie as a headshot, and don’t really see the need to hire a professional photographer. 

Now I’m sure you’ve already guessed it from the title, but today’s blog is all about headshot photography: what it is, why it’s important, how you can use it, and I’ll also answer a few general questions as well. I really want to get it across to you guys that getting professional headshots aren’t as expensive as you might think, doesn’t take that long and can definitely help you out in the long run. 

Now it is important to note that while we do offer Headshot Photography, when creating this article, I did my best to write it in an unbiased and impartial manner. My aim is to clear up any misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding this topic, and help you make your own decision.

Professional Headshots | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

What Is a Headshot?

Now when most people think about a headshot, they imagine, a generic portrait of someone in a formal setting, probably hanging up in a boardroom somewhere staring deeply into your soul. Thing is, this doesn’t always have to be the case. A headshot is a specific type of portraiture that focuses on capturing someone’s face, for the purpose of giving an accurate representation of that person’s appearance.

Professional Headshots | (786) 888-9111 PhotographersProfessional Headshots | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

Why Are They Important?

Like we discussed in the definition, the purpose of a headshot is to take a picture that gives an accurate depiction of who you are. So if at any point you need to advertise yourself to someone else, but you can’t actually do it face to face, you might need to send in a headshot to put in that work for you!  We live in a world where personal appearance is very important and people see our avatar on social media multiple times a day. With that in mind, wouldn’t you want to use the best possible picture to represent yourself? I know I would. Matter of fact, here’s an example of our company casual headshots.  We have some a bit more formal but these are just casual and they are used throughout our social media outlets. 

Headshot Photography | (786) 888-9111 Photographers
Alain Martinez – Chief Photographer / Founder

Headshot Photography | (786) 888-9111 Photographers
Melannie Morfa – Lead Artist

Where Can I Use My Headshots?

A professional headshot goes hand in hand with a variety of different professions. We receive calls on a regular basis of people looking for Real Estate Headshots, doctor’s headshots, lawyer’s headshots and a plethora of other professions. The vast majority of these professionals end up re-purposing it for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, company newsletter, website and even business cards.  Imagine all this use out of just one photo!

I keep my LinkedIn profile updated and all my connections are able to put a name to a face when conducting business with me.  Keeping an updated headshot on your personal social media portals Facebook or Instgram accounts is a great way to help your audience relate to you. By seeing the face behind the content, they can feel a more genuine and personal connection with you.

In the entertainment industry, they play a very important role for actors, models and even musicians. It is almost mandatory for them to include regularly updated headshots with their applications and auditions for various gigs.  In the world of politics is an absolute necessity to show your constituents the real you.

Professional Headshots | (786) 888-9111 PhotographersProfessional Headshots | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

But I’m Not Photogenic

As a photographer, you would be surprised, how often I get told by clients that they aren’t photogenic, or they don’t like taking pictures because of some mark or scar they’re a bit self-conscious about. The truth is, we all have our flaws here and there. A skilled photographer will be able to position and capture you in such a way that these imperfections will not be noticeable. Just have a conversation with the photographer and let them know how you feel about it and let them guide you. Trust me, the right pose, posture and lighting will always get you flattering results!

Professional Headshots | (786) 888-9111 PhotographersProfessional Headshots | (786) 888-9111 Photographers


Q: How much does a headshot session cost?
A: Usually around $150-$500 for business headshots. Acting headshots can range from $500 – $1500

Q: How long does a headshot session take?
A: Around 20 minutes for business headshots. An acting headshots can easily take half a day

Q: What to wear for professional headshots?
A: Simple is best.  Dark colors for men, women can accentuate with colors.

Q: Will I need hair and makeup?
A: Women, highly recommended! Men, mild makeup to reduce dark circles and shine.

Q: Does it have to be from the chest up, or can I get a full body shot?
A: The strict definition of a headshot is from the chest up, but you can ask your photographer to take a few full body shots if you need them.

Q: Can my headshot have props?
A: Not typically recommended.  

Q: Does my headshot have to be in a studio?
A: No, but it’s highly recommended so the light can be controlled and not depend on weather.

I really hope that this blog post was helpful for you guys and gave you some good insight into the world of headshots. If you have any other questions about the topic, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I will definitely try to help you out in anyway I can!

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Modeling shoot — keeping my edge sharp

Hello bloggers…

Today I want to share with you some images of a different genre, but one that love equally as much as wedding photography.  Doing these sessions keeps my creativity fresh, and it gives me an edge and experience that I transfer over to my brides and enables me to get bridal images with an editorial feel.

Monica came to us to build a modeling portfolio and she was overwhelmed with the results.  Make up and Hair: Gloria Pelo, wardrobe: Sonia (786-312-2517)

Enjoy the images

My favorite image below left.

I hope you enjoyed these images.  Keep it locked here for more hotness soon!!

America’s Next Top Model — Olivia

Hello bloggers…

Today I want to share with you some pictures of Olivia who came to my studio for some modeling shots.  Check out her awesome pictures and help me welcome America’s Next Top Model.

Olivia…you rock girl.  Your external beauty is only surpassed by your internal one.  Your mom did an amazing job raising you.

Stay tuned for an update on the people involved with the shoot.

I hope you all like these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.  Keep it locked here for more soon.

Fashion show at Mar A Lago for Carlos Alberto and United Way

Hello bloggers…

Today I bring you some images from an extraordinary event I was part of last week.  It was a fundraiser for The United Way held at Mar A Lago in Palm Beach Florida.  The event featured famed Puerto Rican designer Carlos Alberto (gown designer for Miss USA and Miss Universe) and jewelry designer George Wittles, represented by La Casa Hermosa in Palm Beach, and sponsored by Seacoast National Bank.  Event decor was by Jose Graterol Designs, the event was produced by Lauren Malis from Without A Hitch Events.  Photography by Alain Martinez Photography.

Here are some of my favorite images.



The beautiful ballroom at Mar A Lago



alainm_ca_0005 alainm_ca_0018-2

This dress was something else.  Check out how sexy, sensual and elegant this dress is

alainm_ca_0014 alainm_ca_0001

Here’s Carlos Alberto just before the event started.


Some of the dresses that models were showing off at the cocktail reception.

alainm_ca_0038-2 alainm_ca_0062-2

below, a beautiful portrait of Cynthia Olavarria, Miss Puerto Rico



alainm_ca_0044-2 alainm_ca_0051-2





a little steaming of the dresses before the run way show….


This beautiful model below was the winner of a contest in Puerto Rico to represent Carlos Alberto’s Musa (not sure what that means but I took some beautiful shots of her during prep time)

alainm_ca_0112 alainm_ca_0123-2

Miss Puerto Rico doing the final touches




a few moments before the show started




Here are a few of the dresses modeled.






Below from left to right: Tom Hall, EVP of seacoast National Bank, La Musa Winner, Carlos Alberto


I hope you all enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed shooting this magnificent event.  Keep it locked on the blog for more soon…

Victoria Secret here she comes

Hello bloggers…

Today I want to share some photos from Diana’s modeling portfolio.  Before you read any further, note that Diana has given our studio written permission to publish these images on our blog.  Here are some of the ones we though were OK to be shared.  A few vitals: Makeup: Aileen Quintana from Makeup by Aileen, Hair: Layra Quintanilla, Photography: Alain Martinez Photography

A big Thank You to my assistant Laz without whom I could not have gotten any of these pictures.

alainm_dc_0001 alainm_dc_0002

Then we went to the Viceroy and did some more shots there





love the last shot on the right.  The Viceroy is known for the awesome bathrooms at Club 50, so why not take the last picture there

alainm_dc_0009 alainm_dc_00161

I hope you like some of these shots.  Keep it locked here for more updates soon…