WPPI in Vegas- An Experience Not To Be Missed By Any Photographer

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Today I want to share with you some tips and experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate after going to WPPI every year since I started my career as a photographer.  The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) puts on a must-go-to convention for its members every year in Las Vegas.   It’s the event every photographer looks forward to and it’s the event you don’t want to miss regardless of your level of photography expertise.  Here are some tips I’ve acquired throughout the years that you may find helpful when visiting Sin City.


First, don’t miss it!  It’s an investment in your future and continued education.  You can go to Vegas.com’s Travel Deals page and take advantage of some savings there to make the trip less of a financial burden.  Nevertheless, any dollar spent will most certainly come back in the form of knowledge or connections made through the countless networking opportunities during the show days.  Try to stay as close as humanly possible to the classes and trade show area.  It’s a great advantage to be able to go to your room and drop off some gear you just bought, or even freshen up before your next networking engagement.


It is physically impossible to see everything and listen to every speaker.  As a previous speaker, attendee, and major procrastinator, it is best to familiarize yourself with the speakers and master classes BEFORE the morning the show starts.  Use the WPPI app to fill up your day in visual way so you can see where you need to be and where you have a few gaps for some networking, fun, or even a little gambling–after all you are in Las Vegas.


Despite the early rise necessary for some classes, every single year my wife and I and staff, dine with friends we only see during WPPI or even escape at least one of the nights for some night fun.  We try to pick something new every year.  If you don’t know what to do or are overwhelmed with the choices, check out Vegas.com’s Deal Page for things to do.


One you actually manage to get up, my number one morning suggestion for people is to find a way to get some breakfast away from the crowd.  Thousands and thousands of people all looking for breakfast at the same time will make you either A: be late for your first class or B: late and “hangry” after leaving the line late and without breakfast.  Get creative and plan ahead.  Trust me on this one.


Wear something smart.  The convention space is pumping cold air to cool 13000 people.  Sometimes you go to a platform with 2000 attendees and sometimes you go to a small room with 200 souls all exhaling hot CO2.  Wear smart layers that you can take off and it’s not a heavy piece to carry once walking around the convention floor.


While walking around, don’t miss the awards exhibit.  That’s the greatest source of inspiration in the entire convention in my opinion.


You are most definitely going to feel inspired there.  Knowing this fact, schedule a shoot during your down time, shoot something you’ve never shot before.  Tell your clients in social media that you’re going to be there and maybe they want to shoot something.  Below are a few examples of a few shoots I’ve done there while visiting WPPI.  Enjoy, learn lots and share your knowledge with others.



vegas vegas2




Alain Martinez Photography Joins Susan G Komen in the fight against Breast Cancer

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Philanthropy has always been a priority at our studio. Helping others is a civic duty that all of us should take more seriously, and believe me when I tell you, when you help in a cause that doesn’t benefit you directly, YOU as well as the people you help all end up winning. In our latest philanthropic involvement we helped raised over $100000 for children in need and it was fun too!!! Check out this link for some pictures and story of the event.

Today we join an equally great cause, one that affects our main clients — women.  We just joined Susan G Komen in the fight against Breast Cancer and we need your help.  Here’s how you can help a survivor friend and a great cause overall.

Our studio has pledged to donate our time and creativity to create empowering and up-lifting portrait sessions for cancer survivors, and with their friends’ help raise money to create awareness and continue searching for a cure.  Wanna help?

Friends and family of each survivor are asked to donate toward Susan G Komen foundation and depending on the level achieved by each survivor she will be eligible for a photoshoot at our studio based on the bracket below.  No donation is too small or too big, and multiple people can donate toward one survivor’s photoshoot until October 31st.  The proceeds will go directly to Susan G Komen foundation

Pink Ribbon ($100 – $200 raised)

45 minute session with Alain Martinez Photography
DVD with images
8 artist’s favorite images retouched

Pink Fighter ($200 – $300 raised)

1 hr session with Alain Martinez Photography
Survivor plus family included in the session
DVD with Images
8 artist’s favorite images retouched

Pink Power ($300 – $400 raised)

1 hr session with Alain Martinez Photography
Makeup and styling included
Survivor plus family included in the session
DVD with images
8 artist’s favorite images retouched
1 8×10 signed portrait


We will have a team walking the race on Oct 19th if you want to sign up and join our team please do so using the link below.

The Bombshell Squad Team

Thank you in advance for your generosity and donation toward this effort that affects so many women.  Once again the proceeds will go to Susan G Komen Foundation.

I promise you that in 1 hours or less I can change this person’s life positively.  Will you help me help others???

Mother’s Day Gift Certificates On Sale — This will make any mother feel special

Mother’s Day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate and show your mother, or the mother of your children that you value her infinitely than with the timeless gift of photography.  Check out the special we have for Mother’s Day and surprise that special mom with this amazing gift.

Below is a sample picture of what this amazing mother will be receiving

Thank you in advance for those that will choose our art as a form of a timeless gift. Happy Mother’s day in advance.

Hello 2013!!! Can I clone you 2012?

Hello bloggers…

I cannot believe that 2012 is over.  It felt like it was just yesterday I was writing the last post of 2011 and setting some goals for 2012 and here I am today “day later” doing the same.  I have to say that 2012 has been an amazing year and I was telling my wife yesterday that I feel it has been the best year of my life.

Some of my goals from last year were: teaching this beautiful art, continue to travel the world, do more studio portraiture, help those less fortunate, and above all spend more time with my family.  I’m sure I’ve read this in a book somewhere but it never sunk in until right this second when I realized that setting up these goals to help, to teach and to give undoubtedly brought ME back more than I gave.

This year we were fortunate enough to teach this art to photographers across the world, and while doing so we traveled all over Europe and Norway where life-long friendships and timeless memories were created .  We were also part of a big relief effort to help hundreds of victims of hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.  And the goal that brought me back the most was spending more time with my family.  I took my wife and my son Parker EVERYWHERE I went, and I am so glad I did.  Looking back now I cannot imagine having spent that time away from them two and being to all those places by myself.  Seeing my son grow and not having missed any of his milestones has been priceless and I feel so rich to own those memories and to see my son as close to me as I am to him.  Of course none of this would have been possible without the best mother and wife a man can ask for–my wife Angie who is cooking another stud for me due next year!!!! She’s the support that makes it all happen and without her I’d be lost of in the woods. I love you baby!

I didn’t blog everything I photographed this year, even though I shot some of the best stuff in my life, there are just not enough hours in the day.  Once again this year I picked the best from each session and looking at this gallery with 277 images makes me wonder if the month really has 30 days and the year really has 365 days.  This means that I had a camera in my hand 87 percent of the available days in my working year.  I can’t even fathom how that is possible but enjoy the gallery below with some of our best work from 2012.  The images are in no particular order whatsover, and there are DEFINITELY a lot of boudoir images there so use viewer’s discretion please.

Of course we all need a certain dosage of pain to keep up grounded and to remind us to appreciate the things that truly matter.  My grandmother passed away a few months ago.  She lived a long healthy life of 92 years and I’m so glad I got to meet her and all my other grandparents. Since she’s watching me from above I dedicate this post to her as I am sure she passed being a proud grandma to all her 6 grandkids.

Enjoy these image and have a happy 2013.

[nggallery id=5]

I hope you enjoyed these images as much I enjoyed taking them.

And as far as my goals for 2013: 2012’s <== DITTO!!!!

Bombshell Marathon 01.14.12 — Valentine never looked so sexy

Hello bombshells…

Well the month of love is around the corner and what better way to spread the love than to take some photos at our state of the art studio for your significant other, or better yet, for yourself!!!!

Very often our clients for these session end up purchasing an album and when the final product arrives, they keep the album for themselves, and get something else for whom it was intended in the first place.  And that’s because these sessions are all about celebrating YOUR beauty….but in VIP style!!!

upon arrival you are taken to our private makeup and wardrobe room

Where Champagne and lite-bites await you…

and a female assistant lays out your wardrobe …

while you discuss your vision and styling with our female makeup artist.

And then when you are ready you will have your own private time to be a bombshell in front of our lenses in one of the biggest and most versatile studios in South Florida.  With 4000 sq ft of shooting space, we can offer a range from window light, to studio light, grunge, outdoors, and with 22 foot ceilings, the sky is really the limit.

Alain’s expertise is studio lighting, which sole purpose is to flatter you and give you that high-end look you only see in Victoria Secret’s ads.

So don’t wait any longer and call our studio to book your spot now. 786.888.9111 or email us at contact@alainmartinez.com.  Call us with any questions or to learn more about our bombshell sessions.

January 14th (my only free Saturday in January), all day!

Commissions starting at $345.

Book by Friday January 6th and receive a complimentary 3×3 Accordion Mini Book with 10 of your favorite images.