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Today I want to share with you an amazing wedding in Lake Como Italy for a lovely bride Christie Lauren and her sharp hubby, Salvatore Bacarella.  Christie is the epitome of a classy and sexy bride.  It’s no wonder she’s so successful in her business designing gorgeous head pieces in NYC, just like the one she designed for her own wedding.  Sal is as sharp as they come and ever so willing to make Cristie happy.

This wedding will always hold a special place in my heart as the wedding I almost didn’t make it to… haha.  That’s right, the Cinematographer Ray Roman and myself got stuck (literally) on a mountain on the way to the ceremony.  Our car got stuck between two narrow walls at the top of a mountain, something we look back now and realize how lucky we are to have clients like Christie and Sal that put the ceremony on hold to wait for us.  Words cannot express what that means to us that they value our presence so much.  We don’t take that for granted and we value just as much as clients.

Here are some vitals:

Getting Ready: Grand Hotel Imperial, Bridal Hair Updo: Antonio Estrada, Headpiece, Veil, and Gown: Exclusively available at Christie Lauren Boutique Jesus and Jesus &  Antonio Estrada, Jewelry: Christie Lauren, Rosary Beads: Christie Lauren, Tux: custom Tom James, brides shoes: Christian Louboutin, Flowers Figli Dei Fiori, Caterer: AFM, church: Church of Saint Abbondio, Reception: Villa Erba Lado Di Como Italy, Wedding coordination: The Lake Como Wedding Planner, Cinematographer: My brother from anther mother, Ray Roman (we’re not really brothers, people just assume we hare lol), and photography: yours truly, Alain Martinez Photography


This is only Part I. Part II will be posted shortly.

ChristyAndSal_0053ChristyAndSal_00 ChristyAndSal_002 ChristyAndSal_003 ChristyAndSal_005 ChristyAndSal_006 ChristyAndSal_007 ChristyAndSal_008 ChristyAndSal_009 ChristyAndSal_0010 ChristyAndSal_0011 ChristyAndSal_0012 ChristyAndSal_0015

ChristyAndSal_0014 ChristyAndSal_0016 ChristyAndSal_0017 ChristyAndSal_0018 ChristyAndSal_0019 ChristyAndSal_0020 ChristyAndSal_0021 ChristyAndSal_0022 ChristyAndSal_0024 ChristyAndSal_0026 ChristyAndSal_0027

ChristyAndSal_0023 ChristyAndSal_0028 ChristyAndSal_0029


I hope you have enjoyed part I, pictures at Villa Erba to follow….

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