Hello bloggers…

Enjoy these engagement pictures shot at a local train museum in Miami.  We decided to do something with a little vintage love and this location plus her outfits and post-processing made it all possible.  Makeup and Hair by Naivi


ElizabethChris_00 ElizabethChris_002 ElizabethChris_003 ElizabethChris_004 ElizabethChris_005 ElizabethChris_006 ElizabethChris_007 ElizabethChris_008 ElizabethChris_009 ElizabethChris_0010 ElizabethChris_0011 ElizabethChris_0012 ElizabethChris_0013 ElizabethChris_0014 ElizabethChris_0015 ElizabethChris_0016 ElizabethChris_0017 ElizabethChris_0018 ElizabethChris_0019 ElizabethChris_0020 ElizabethChris_0021 ElizabethChris_0022 ElizabethChris_0023 ElizabethChris_0024 ElizabethChris_0025 ElizabethChris_0026

I hope you enjoyed these images as much as we enjoyed creating the story.  Keep it locked here for more soon…


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