As a single mother, cancer was the last thing Gio’s mother had planned for; facing the reality of taking care of a sick child while juggling financial responsibilities with no outside help.  The pain of knowing your child is suffering but having to leave him behind to work part time and try to make ends meet, just barely.


 “I will take you back one year ago to Dec 31, 2014 when our family was preparing for a New Year’s’ Eve dinner.  Giovan, my 15 year old son, began complaining of stomach pain. I took him to Baptist Hospital and in less than 24 hours our lives significantly changed forever. He underwent numerous and rigorous tests. Gio was diagnosed with Burkitt’s non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on January 1, 2015. He was hospitalized for 3 months receiving a very aggressive course of chemotherapy accompanied by more ongoing tests.

 From one day to another one a doctor came in to the hospital room and plain out told me my 15 years old son has cancer, just like that “YOUR SON HAS CANCER” My life was never the same.” – Laura

 Today, Gio is cancer free and he’s this year’s Boy of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He looks forward to getting back into playing sports like he used to.




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