Julie & Aryeh – Part II – Ceremony and Reception

Hello bloogers…

welcome back.  This is part II of Julie and Aryeh’s wedding.  I was so happy I was able to practice my French since 90 % of the guests only spoke French.  Take note of these vitals before enjoying the pictures.

Welcome Party: The Raleigh Hotel, Ceremony and Reception: Diplomat Country Club, Flowers: Avant Gardens, Theme: Alibaba Events by Caidal, Decor: Bubble Miami, Band: The Headliners Band, DJ: Nandy Romeo, Cinematography: Senderey, Photography: Alain Martinez Photography, and bringing us all together, wedding planning by: Patricia Poza –  Event Boutique

JulieAndAryeh_0029 JulieAndAryeh_0030 JulieAndAryeh_0031 JulieAndAryeh_0032 JulieAndAryeh_0033 JulieAndAryeh_0034 JulieAndAryeh_0035 JulieAndAryeh_0036 JulieAndAryeh_0037 JulieAndAryeh_0038 JulieAndAryeh_0039 JulieAndAryeh_0040 JulieAndAryeh_0041 JulieAndAryeh_0042 JulieAndAryeh_0043 JulieAndAryeh_0044 JulieAndAryeh_0045 JulieAndAryeh_0046 JulieAndAryeh_0047 JulieAndAryeh_0048 JulieAndAryeh_0049 JulieAndAryeh_0050 JulieAndAryeh_0051 JulieAndAryeh_0052 JulieAndAryeh_0053 JulieAndAryeh_0054 JulieAndAryeh_0055 JulieAndAryeh_0056 JulieAndAryeh_0057 JulieAndAryeh_0058 JulieAndAryeh_0059 JulieAndAryeh_0060 JulieAndAryeh_0061 JulieAndAryeh_0062 JulieAndAryeh_0063 JulieAndAryeh_0064 JulieAndAryeh_0065 JulieAndAryeh_0066 JulieAndAryeh_0067 JulieAndAryeh_0068 JulieAndAryeh_0069 JulieAndAryeh_0070 JulieAndAryeh_0071 JulieAndAryeh_0072 JulieAndAryeh_0073

I hope you enjoyed these crazy fun pictures.  Keep it locked here for more soon.

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