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Today is “throw back Thursday” and want to share a wedding I never blogged last year but yet an amazing wedding full of colors and culture.  Enjoy part I, a welcome party and henna party.  Here are some vitals, the vendors that made the event possible.

Welcome Party: The Raleigh Hotel, Ceremony and Reception: Diplomat Country Club, Flowers: Avant Gardens, Theme: Alibaba Events by Caidal, Decor: Bubble Miami, Band: The Headliners Band, DJ: Nandy Romeo, Cinematography: Senderey, Photography: Alain Martinez Photography, and bringing us all together, wedding planning by: Patricia Poza –  Event Boutique

Enjoy Part I


JulieAndAryeh_002 JulieAndAryeh_003 JulieAndAryeh_004 JulieAndAryeh_005 JulieAndAryeh_006 JulieAndAryeh_007 JulieAndAryeh_008 JulieAndAryeh_009 JulieAndAryeh_0010 JulieAndAryeh_0011 JulieAndAryeh_0012 JulieAndAryeh_0013 JulieAndAryeh_0014 JulieAndAryeh_0015 JulieAndAryeh_0016 JulieAndAryeh_0017 JulieAndAryeh_0018 JulieAndAryeh_0019 JulieAndAryeh_0020 JulieAndAryeh_0021 JulieAndAryeh_0022 JulieAndAryeh_0023 JulieAndAryeh_0024 JulieAndAryeh_0025 JulieAndAryeh_0026 JulieAndAryeh_0027 JulieAndAryeh_0028

I hope you enjoyed these vibrant images.  Check back for Part II later.

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