Just Two Bros In…My Most Prized Possession

Hello bloggers…

Allow me to share with you all my most meaningful life-long project.  It’s life-long not because I have been doing it all my life (started it in May of 2014) but because I plan to do it for the rest of my life.  Most meaningful because it involves the two individuals for whom I care the most in this world–my two boys, the two bros.  

A little bit of background on the project may make you appreciate it a little more.  #JustTwoBrosIn was meant as an Instagram project which started when Instagram only accepted square images.  It’s the journey of two brothers around the world in iconic locations and even though I started this project before my youngest could actually walk they were actually in every single one of those locations.  They were not photoshoped in, they were actually there standing or sitting there.  The biggest challenge of this project is that every picture is supposed to be JUST the two bros in these spots, and as you know or may not know every single one of these locations has either limited access, thousands of people at any given time, camera and tripod restrictions or all the above combined and yet we managed to get it done.  It will only always be JustTwoBrosIn.  

Enjoy the photos below and a little bit of the history below each location and photo.  Check back from time to time to see any new ones added…

The picture below is the first one, my little one, Preston could even walk 100% yet.  JustTwoBrosIn Puerto Rico, Fort San Geronimo.  It’s a fort built during the 17th Century to replace a smaller one that had been used to defend the city of San Juan from attacks in 1595.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Barcelona’s Cathedral, Spain.  A Gothic cathedral built from the 13th-15th century.  It’s also known as Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.  As you can imagine there were hundreds of people in every corner of this church as often the case with every other location.

JustTwoBrosIn the Arc De Triomf in Barcelona.  Yes, that’s how you spell it haha.  It’s an arch built as a form of triumphal memorial built in 1888 as the main access for the 1988 Barcelona World Fair.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Monserrat, Spain.  Sitting on the courtyard of a jaw dropping monastery built on top of a mountain in the 11th century overlooking all of Barcelona.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Figueres, Spain.  One of the fans’ favorites, the two bros walking the street of Sant Pere, a charming quiet street leading up to the Dali Museum.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Cadeques, Spain.  A beautiful fisherman town where Salvador Dali had his permanent residence, filled with houses painted white so that the fishermen could see their house with only moonlight, just like in Greece.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn La Tour Eiffel.  This location needs no explanation but the shot was very hard to get due to a storm and the amount of people always there.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Musée Du Louvre, Paris.  Built as a fortress in the 12th century, it housed kings until Louis XIV decided it was time for a new home and moved to the modest Palace of Versailles in the late 1600s.  Since then it’s been a museum and it was spared by the French Revolution.  It’s now one of the largest museums of the world.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Chateau De Chantilly, France.  A castle built in 1560 destroyed during the French Revolution and rebuilt in 1870 and it’s now one of the finest art collections of France after the Louvre.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Notre Dame De Paris, a church over 800 years old.  King Louis VII encouraged its Gothic style which took over 100 years to be completed.  Since then it has been the church for countless major historical moments.  You can only imagine how many thousands of people visit this church at any given time. Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Monstserrat, Spain’s first national park just outside of Barcelona.  At the top of it sits a jaw dropping monastery which hosts Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary believed by myth to be by myth the location of the Holy Grail.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Santa Maria de Montserrat.  A monastery built on top of the mountain Montserrat in Catalonia Spain.  How this church was built up there still baffles my mind.  This picture was taken next to a sign that said no cameras and no tripods so you can imagine how quickly I had to think.  The beauty of this church is beyond words.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.  A Catholic church designed by Gaudi (nicknamed God’s architect).  Still under construction since 1882 and projected to be completed in 2026 all with private donations.  It’s Spain’s most visited museum so you can just imagine how difficult it was to get a clean shot.  Photoshop was used to delete the cranes that are permanently there.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Costa Brava of the Mediterranean.  Cadeques, a fishing village of just two thousand habitats, one of which was Salvador Dali.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn The Dali museum in Figueres, Spain.  This was particularly hard because they didn’t allow tripods, flash or strollers so we had to carry our little hulk up 4 floors of museum.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Costa Brava, Northern Spain next to France.  This abandoned boat was in many paintings and postcards around the island so I thought it would be fitting to hop the two bros on it.  Enjoy

JustTwoBrosIn the gate to Chantilly town in the Picardy region in Northern France about 1 hour away from Paris.  An area solid in equestrian heritage.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn South Point Park in Miami Beach, Florida.  An amazing park in my hometown visited daily by thousands of local and tourists.  A great spot to enjoy the beach and see the sunset and the moon rise even though we’re on the east coast.

JustTwoBrosIn the stairs to leave Cadeques, Spain.  The older brother always leading his younger brother and protecting him!  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Manorla, Cinque Terre, Italy.  One of the rugged group of five towns in the Italian Riviera full of houses and restaurants built among the cliffs.   Only accessible by boat or train.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn la Torre Pendente Di Pisa, Tower of Pisa, Italy.  Known for its unintended tilt which was permanently fixed in the 20th century.  It broke ground in 1173 and completed in 1372.  It was very difficult to take this shot without thousands of people that surround it at all times.

JustTwoBrosIn The Italian Riviera, chilling on the coast of Cinque Terre’s Rio Maggiore

JustTwoBrosIn Monterroso Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera.

JustTwoBrosIn Galleria Dell Accademia, Florence, Italy.  Admiring David, one of the admired sculptures of all times by Michelangelo who got permission to work an abandoned piece of marble in 1501 and in 1504 the sculpture of a perfect man was revealed

JustTwoBrosIn Riomaggiore Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera.

JustTwoBrosIn the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Another look including the church next to it.

JustTwoBrosIn Duomo Di Milano, Milan Italy.  The world’s 5th largest cathedral, largest in the Italian state territory which shockingly it took SIX CENTURIES to complete.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II, Milan Italy.  One of the oldest shopping centers in the world (1861) and named after the first king of Italy.  But now it’s part of the series for my two kings.

JustTwoBrosIn Nesso, Lago Di Como, Italy.  The two bros overlooking the massive Lake Como on their way to Belagio

JustTwoBrosIn Duomo Di Como or Como Cathedral, Lake Como, Italy.  The last Gothic cathedral built in Italy which started in 1396 and shockingly ended in 1770.

JustTwoBrosIn Bellagio Italy.  Called the “pearl of the lake” located in Lake Como.  A charming little town on the tip of the lake.

JustTwoBrosIn The Pisa Baptistry of S. John.  The largest baptistry in Italy located in front of The Leaning Tower of Pisa started being built in 1152 and finished in 1363.

JustTwoBrosIn The Basilica Di Santa Maria Del Fiore.  Il Duomo Di Firenze was the original name when it began construction in 1226 and didn’t finish until 1436.  It’s the largest brick dome ever constructed.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Nesso, Lake Como, Italy.  A quaint little town just before Bellagio over looking the beautiful Lago Di Como Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Piazza Del La Signoria, Florence, Italy.  The first black and white of the series.

JustTwoBrosIn the famous town of Bellagio, Lake Como Italy.  Known as the pearl of Lake Como it’s the connection of the 3 branches of Lago Di Como and the home away from home for many celebrities.  Definitely a place to visit and spend a few days there.

JustTwoBrosIn leaving Lake Como on a speedboat.

JustTwoBrosIn The Biltmore Estate, Ashville North Carolina.  The largest privately owned home in the USA built by the Vanderbilts, the family that brought rail roads across America.  Amazingly inspiring story.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Freedom Park in Charlotte North Carolina.  Parker showing Preston a Dogwood tree with its white blossoms which only flowers during this time of the year.  I love the metaphoric older brother showing the younger brother about life.  Enjoy!

JustTwoBrosIn Maho Beach, Saint Martin, top 10 world’s most dangerous airport on the Dutch side of the beautiful Island.

#JustTwoBrosIn Disney World, the happiest place on earth.  I’m sure everyone that has been there knows how difficult this shot must have been.  Enjoy!

#justTwoBrosIn#TheCliffsOfMoher. An amazing site 300 million years in the making and now the backdrop to my boys’ world journey. At the top left you see O’Brien’s Tower built in 1835 by Sir Cornelius O’Brien to bring his guests to admire the cliffs from its highest point. This shot was very hard to attain.#alainmartinez

#justTwoBrosIn #thedarkhedges better known as Kings Road in the #HBO series #gameOfThrones #GOT. It’s the most visited road in Northern Ireland and the 5th most beautiful tree tunnel in the world. Planted as an impressive driveway in 1775 and now around 100 beech trees have lasted double their life expectancy. Pretty neat stuff. Enjoy! #alainmartinez

#JustTwoBrosIn #GiantsCauseway in Northern Ireland. One of the coolest natural phenomena I’ve ever seen and named the 4th natural wonder in the UK. 60 million years ago after a volcano’s lava raised through chalk beds it cooled and contracted which formed these perfect 40000 interlocking hexagons. You gotta go check this out. #AlainMartinez

#JustTwoBrosIn St Patrick’s Cathedral #Dublin. The largest church in #Ireland founded in 1191. These boys are 1000% more active than the first picture I took of this series and I wanted to capture that in this new setting. Enjoy. #alainmartinez

Keep checking back often for more updates as the two bros travel the world.