In any culture there is a highly anticipated moment when a girl is officially expected to become a young lady–usually a moment between 12-15 years of age. There is always a glamorous photoshoot planned that captures the beauty of her age.


Mairen Bello’s 15th year of life was VERY different than that of the average Miami girl. Just 7 months before she officially turned 15 Mairen was hospitalized for a kidney infection. Two days later she returned to the ER and the tumultuous storm that is cancer took over her life and that of her family’s

On July 30th, 2015 Mairen began treatment for Lymphoma non Hodgkin’s Burkitt’s phase 4. She decided to donate her hair before eventually losing it (which she did) but couldn’t help to feel saddened by the fact that she wouldn’t be able to take her 15s pictures without it. Mairen was blessed by the company of her siblings and parents while in the hospital but, like any girl, sad that she missed the chance of her photoshoot. After 3 months of intensive treatment, Marien was declared cancer free, and she is this year’s Girl of The Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  

Marien has ended her 15th year having experienced life in a way that most of us pray to never endure ourselves and one of her dreams is to take her 15 pictures in the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC with big red balloons.  How beautiful would it be to come together and give a girl the special celebration she so much deserves, the commemoration of a year where she truly proved to be a strong, brave and beautiful young woman.  

Alain Martinez Photography Studio would like to donate our services and grant Mairen her wish–to celebrate Mairen’s valor and beauty by treating her to a special quinceañera photoshoot in New York City. Her family has been inundated with co-pays and deductibles and without your help this wish CANNOT come true. Any amount raised will be strictly used for her trip expenses and the rest donated to her family to continue this battle.




“Taking my photos would be the final point in this phase of my life where I learned to be brave and have faith and trust that God would have a future full of life for me.” – Mairen



I’m counting on your help to make this girl’s dream a reality.  Please click on the link below to donate towards making her dream come true.  

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