Cara And Alex, Wedding at the St. Regis Atlanta

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Today I want to share with you some images from Cara and Alex’s beautiful wedding at the St. Regis Atlanta.  Cara was my kind of bride, a bride that exuded confidence and sexiness in her amazing dress.  Cara and Alex were a pleasure to deal with and although it rained relentlessly we made the best of it and got some amazing portraits.  We even went to another location on a separate occasion for a different taste of Atlanta.  Here are some vitals before I share the goods.

Ceremony + Reception Venue: St. Regis Atlanta, Rock the Dress Venue: Atlanta History Center – Swan House, Gown: Berta Bridal, Shoes: Christian Louboutin , Planner: Toast Events, Headpiece: Maria Elena Headpieces, video: Cinema Weddings, Beauty: Scoobie West & Company, Florist: Andy Beach & Co, and photography by yours truly: Alain Martinez Photography


CaraAndAlex_00 CaraAndAlex_002 CaraAndAlex_003 CaraAndAlex_004 CaraAndAlex_005 CaraAndAlex_006 CaraAndAlex_007 CaraAndAlex_008 CaraAndAlex_009 CaraAndAlex_0010 CaraAndAlex_0011 CaraAndAlex_0012 CaraAndAlex_0013 CaraAndAlex_0014 CaraAndAlex_0015 CaraAndAlex_0017 CaraAndAlex_0018 CaraAndAlex_0019 CaraAndAlex_0020 CaraAndAlex_0021 CaraAndAlex_0022 CaraAndAlex_0023 CaraAndAlex_0024 CaraAndAlex_0025 CaraAndAlex_0026 CaraAndAlex_0027 CaraAndAlex_0028 CaraAndAlex_0029 CaraAndAlex_0030

CaraAndAlex_0031 CaraAndAlex_0032
CaraAndAlex_0033 CaraAndAlex_0034 CaraAndAlex_0035 CaraAndAlex_0036 CaraAndAlex_0037 CaraAndAlex_0038 CaraAndAlex_0039 CaraAndAlex_0040
CaraAndAlex_0041 CaraAndAlex_0042 CaraAndAlex_0043


I hope you enjoyed these images as much as we enjoyed shooting them.  Keep it locked here for more soon…

Ali and Mike get hitched at The Breakers Palm Beach

Hello bloggers…

There are some clients with whom you click right from day one, you leave the consultation knowing you are it for them and they are it for you.  Ali and Mike are definitely one of such cases.  From the beginning I connected big time with Ali, her golden curly hair and her mom, then during the engagement session I met razor-sharp Mike and the connection grew even stronger.  Fast forward a year later and 12 hours felt like no work at all because I was shooting the most down to earth couple have fun, taking Patron shots and most importantly she listened to everything I said which is key to getting the most out of your day.  Ali and Mike I wish you a lifetime of happiness and may you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed hanging with you.

Here are some vitals before you enjoy the goods.

Getting Ready/Reception: The Breakers Palm Beach, Ceremony: St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Gown: Pnina Tornai  Hair and Makeup: Ivette Gil from Pretty Studio, Headpiece by Christie Lauren Headpieces, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Decor: The Breakers Design Team, entertainment: Power House, Cinematographer: Merge Studios, Photographer: Alain Martinez, and bringing us all together, the amazing team of: Posh Parties,


AliMike_00 AliMike_002 AliMike_003 AliMike_004 AliMike_005 AliMike_006 AliMike_007 AliMike_008 AliMike_009 AliMike_0010 AliMike_0011 AliMike_0012 AliMike_0013 AliMike_0014 AliMike_0015 AliMike_0016 AliMike_0017 AliMike_0018 AliMike_0019 AliMike_0020 AliMike_0021 AliMike_0022 AliMike_0023 AliMike_0024 AliMike_0025 AliMike_0026 AliMike_0027 AliMike_0028 AliMike_0029 AliMike_0030 AliMike_0031 AliMike_0032 AliMike_0033 AliMike_0034 AliMike_0035 AliMike_0036 AliMike_0037 AliMike_0038 AliMike_0039 AliMike_0040 AliMike_0041 AliMike_0042 AliMike_0043 AliMike_0044 AliMike_0045 AliMike_0046 AliMike_0047 AliMike_0048

AliMike_0050 AliMike_0049 AliMike_0051 AliMike_0052 AliMike_0053

If these photos look fun it’s because they are.  They had an amazing time and so did we being there for them.  We cannot wait to work on their albums.  Keep it locked on our blog for more hotness soon…