Wedding Shoes – Top 5 things you need to know!

Wedding Shoes


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On the day of your wedding, your focus should on your soulmate and not your soles. So this blog is all about wedding shoes! Tips, advice and a little inspiration for your wedding shoes, so you’re all set on your special day!

Break in your wedding shoes:

– Make sure your sole is good for your soul.

First and most importantly, ladies please make sure that you break in your wedding shoes! Making sure that you’re comfortable on your wedding day is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You don’t want the day of the wedding to be the day you find out you can’t stand in your shoes for more than ten minutes at a time! So as soon as you can, get to work on making those shoes as comfortable as possible for your big day. 

Wedding Shoes | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

Have backups for your portraits:

We can only imagine how tough it was to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes. So we wouldn’t want you to risk ruining them as your walk around the venue for your portraits. We highly recommend having a pair of comfortable back up shoes that you can use during the portrait sessions. Doing this will keep the real wedding shoes in crisp and pristine condition for the actual ceremony.

Wedding Shoes | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

Don’t be afraid to stand out:

It’s your wedding, you’re supposed to be the center of attention. From your hair to your make up, to your dress, all the way down to those shoes, everyone’s focus is going to be on you. Don’t spend time worrying about whether or not your guests will approve of your shoes. Rock the shoes that make you happy and take pride in your uniqueness!

Wedding Shoes | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

Feel free to break tradition:

As far as I am aware, there is no formal handbook that says you must wear white heels for your wedding. Like we said before, it’s your day, and you have every right to wear whatever you want! So if you want to wear heels, flats, sneakers, or even go barefoot, do it and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t! What’s most important is that you wear the shoes that are perfect for you.

Wedding Shoes | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

Make sure your wedding shoes suit the venue:

As much as we support your decision to wear the shoes that make you the happiest, we also recommend that you buy wedding shoes to suit your venue. A single pair of shoes can only be practical in so many locations. Stilettos are fine for indoor ceremonies with solid flat surfaces. However, if you try to wear them outside on the grass or in the sand, you might quickly find yourself running into some issues. 

Wedding Shoes | (786) 888-9111 Photographers

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If you have any questions or want more information, click the button above, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Just like with dresses, the possibilities for shoes are endless. It can be a time-consuming process, but once you’ve found the one, it’s all worth it. If you need some extra inspiration for your wedding, check out the gallery below!


Ali and Mike get hitched at The Breakers Palm Beach

Hello bloggers…

There are some clients with whom you click right from day one, you leave the consultation knowing you are it for them and they are it for you.  Ali and Mike are definitely one of such cases.  From the beginning I connected big time with Ali, her golden curly hair and her mom, then during the engagement session I met razor-sharp Mike and the connection grew even stronger.  Fast forward a year later and 12 hours felt like no work at all because I was shooting the most down to earth couple have fun, taking Patron shots and most importantly she listened to everything I said which is key to getting the most out of your day.  Ali and Mike I wish you a lifetime of happiness and may you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed hanging with you.

Here are some vitals before you enjoy the goods.

Getting Ready/Reception: The Breakers Palm Beach, Ceremony: St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Gown: Pnina Tornai  Hair and Makeup: Ivette Gil from Pretty Studio, Headpiece by Christie Lauren Headpieces, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Decor: The Breakers Design Team, entertainment: Power House, Cinematographer: Merge Studios, Photographer: Alain Martinez, and bringing us all together, the amazing team of: Posh Parties,


AliMike_00 AliMike_002 AliMike_003 AliMike_004 AliMike_005 AliMike_006 AliMike_007 AliMike_008 AliMike_009 AliMike_0010 AliMike_0011 AliMike_0012 AliMike_0013 AliMike_0014 AliMike_0015 AliMike_0016 AliMike_0017 AliMike_0018 AliMike_0019 AliMike_0020 AliMike_0021 AliMike_0022 AliMike_0023 AliMike_0024 AliMike_0025 AliMike_0026 AliMike_0027 AliMike_0028 AliMike_0029 AliMike_0030 AliMike_0031 AliMike_0032 AliMike_0033 AliMike_0034 AliMike_0035 AliMike_0036 AliMike_0037 AliMike_0038 AliMike_0039 AliMike_0040 AliMike_0041 AliMike_0042 AliMike_0043 AliMike_0044 AliMike_0045 AliMike_0046 AliMike_0047 AliMike_0048

AliMike_0050 AliMike_0049 AliMike_0051 AliMike_0052 AliMike_0053

If these photos look fun it’s because they are.  They had an amazing time and so did we being there for them.  We cannot wait to work on their albums.  Keep it locked on our blog for more hotness soon…

Veronica and Christopher are hitched — congrats

Hello bloggers…

Today I bring you some photos from Veronica and Christopher’s wedding–a beautiful affair, and a destination wedding for both the bride and the groom.  Here are some vitals: Ceremony: St. Patrick’s, Reception: Westin Colonnade, Cinematography: Ray Roman Films, Photography: Alain Martinez Photography.

Here are some of my favorite shots…


I love these two following shots I took, one against the light, and the other one with the light.  Two completely different pictures, same exact moment.




awesome detail shot of the rings taken by Angie


Check out this adorable little boy who captivated the room as soon as he walked in.


meanwhile, Christopher was waiting at the church…





Here’s the man of the hour again…..


alainm_vc_0360 alainm_vc_0388




Well I hope you all enjoyed these pictures as much we enjoyed shooting the wedding.  Keep it locked here for more soon…

Lani and John are hitched — congrats!

Hello bloggers…

Today it brings me great pleasure to share with you pictures from Lani and John’s wedding.  These two love birds had an amazing bash in Key West.  We had an amazing time while we were there, visited some old friends, and met some new ones.  Over all a great experience.  Here are some vitals: Ceremony/Reception: Casa Marina, Key West, Styling: Marie-Pierre, Videography: Focused On Forever, Photography: Alain Martinez Photography, and keeping us under control (trying to anyway), Tamara Cohen from TC Event Design.

A special shout out to Hannah Charlotte for assisting me and Angie in this wedding.  Here are some of my favorite shots.



Check out those red lips!!!!


alainm_lj_0071 alainm_lj_0077



Lani and her sisters sharing a moment…








A few details…


alainm_lj_0273 alainm_lj_0276


if they above picture doesn’t make your mouth water, how about the one below…


alainm_lj_0427 alainm_lj_0429

You all know I have a thing for my brides climbing places and getting unconventional shots, so here’s Lani (above) on top of the bar.


a little drama above, and whole lot of love below…


One of my favorite shots of the year!!!

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures as much as we enjoyed partying with Lani and John in Key West.  Keep it locked here for more soon…

Joanne and Justin are hitched — congrats

Hello bloggers…

Today I bring you some shots from Joanne and Justin’s beautiful and intimate wedding.  We had a lot of fun shooting this beautiful couple with some really cool vendors.  Here are some of the vitals: Venue: Breakers West, Videography: Jeremy Nelson from  Blue Shore Productions, Photography: Alain Martinez Photography, Entertainment: Shannon Powell from Liquid DJ’s, Cake: Ana Paz, Event Coordination: Karla Blanco from Stylish Events.

Here are some of my favorite pix…




All the brides wear cute “I do” paraphernalia…


meanwhile  look how “cute” men’s paraphernalia is…


Right before we went to do some portraits of the bride, we passed by the groom’s room and took this shot.  They did not see each other until later…

alainm_jj_0051 alainm_jj_0054

Shot below-right taken by Angie

alainm_jj_0076 alainm_jj_0104




love the shot below…










Check out the tears rolling down her cheeks.




I hope you all enjoyed these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.  Keep it locked here for more soon…