Carleen and Brian are engaged — congrats!

Hello bloggers…

Today I bring you some cool shots from Carleen and Brian’s engagement session.  These two love birds are as down to earth as they come.  We started the epix session and ended up 1.5 hours later at the bar having drinks.  Thanks Brian for those Grey Goose Tonics.  We can’t wait for your wedding.  Enjoy some of your images…

alainm_cb_0001 alainm_cb_0002

alainm_cb_0003 alainm_cb_0004


alainm_cb_0006 alainm_cb_0007


I hope you enjoyed these images.  Keep it locked for more soon…

Rock The Dress NYC. Round One


Hello bloggers…

Well we recently got back from New York City, and while we were there, we did some Rock The Dress sessions and one engagement session.   We’re starting from the back since we had the most time with Bec.  She gave us freedom to do whatever we wanted so we got to walk around NYC and got all sorts of creative shots.  Here are some of my favorite ones…

Makeup artist: Make Up By Ereny

alainm_bf_0001 alainm_bf_0002




We were lucky enough to find a cab that did not have those ugly ads on top to get this shot below…


ahhh, Central Park.  How can you take a bad shot in Central Park?


alainm_bf_0009 alainm_bf_0007




I love the fact that in NYC you could be walking around naked if you wanted to, and nobody would even care.  Nobody cares what Bec is doing wearing a wedding dress in the middle of the street.  Had this been in Miami, it would’ve been a very different picture.


One of my favorite shots of the day below left.

alainm_bf_0015 alainm_bf_0016

Well there you have it.  That’s what Rock The Dress is all about.  It’s about creating images that are impossible to get during your wedding day.  It’s one more chance to Rock Your Dress, and feel like a bride all over again, even if you have to get in the water or on top of a cab in NYC.  I’ll be posting one session per day.  Keep it locked…

Andreina and Gene are hitched — congrats

Hello bloggers…

Well here I am trying to catch up from all our summer work but busy season is hitting us hard (thankfully), so I’ll try to catch up and calm your blogging needs, lol.  So today I bring you Andreina and Gene’s wedding photos.  Some vitals first: Ceremony/Reception: The Biltmore, Coral Gables, Makeup Artist: Hilda Blacker, Decor: Avant-Gardens, Videography: Utopia, Photography: Alain Martinez Photography

Here are some of the pictures


00021 00041


0054 0035



One of my favorite images of the day below left, taken by my 2nd shooter Armando.

0122 0085

0137 0138

0149 0152



A beautiful large family of brothers and sister.



I hope you enjoy these shots as much as we enjoyed taking them.  Keep it locked until next time….