Amy and Anire are hitched – Vizcaya Wedding

This past weekend’s wedding was a joy to shoot. Amy was so beautiful, and glowing with happiness that I just couldn’t take a bad shot. She understood my candid-don’t-look-at-the-camera approach and was able to give me some beautiful shots at the Ritz in Key Biscayne where she got ready.
Golden light

Here we were heading out to the limo and this beautiful light from a jewelery store inside the Ritz called for a shot.


One more moment of laughter with her girls on her way to the limo

On her way to the limo

Sometimes difficult situations yield good pictures, as it was this past Saturday with this blinding light all around the ceremony area. There was a flood light from every direction (photographer’s nightmare), but right when she was praying I knelt to avoid the light on my lens and took this shot below without a flash. I loved the glow all around her and decided to capture it with my camera. More pictures of this wedding are coming soon.

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