Wedding at the family ranch

What a treat to have shot Michelle and Emil’s wedding at their ranch. There were so many beautiful details that it was almost hard not missing a moment….almost though.

Here’s beautiful Michelle observing her last minute make up touches.


Her shoes hanging from her dresser


Here she is fully ready a glowing…

113.jpg  117.jpg

A nice and tender hug right after the kiss.


Even though it was pitch dark after the ceremony and Michelle wanted to go straight to the party, we managed to get a some beautiful shots, lit by some candles from the isle.

362.jpg  363.jpg

During their first dance I was hunting the videographer so I could take this shot, and I finally got it. Most times we avoid the videographers, but not me. I want them in my shots.


I love this shot of them in their own little world. I think Michelle knew I was there, but Emil definitely had no clue. Did you Michelle? Anyway these moments is what we are all about. A fly on the wall capturing moments they can cherish for years to come.


Priceless moment of the night…I think the shot is self-explanatory. In her own defense, I must say that the cushion was slipping off from the chair, and that the groom fell. So obviously the expression below is expected. lol.


One of my favorite shots of the night. It also took me a while to get it since this old man was dancing too fast, but I was glad when I got it.


I can’t wait to finish her wedding album. It’s going to be amazing.

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